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Latest Updates:

September 2022
Armstrong continues to work in many parts of western NY to extend broadband internet access to previously underserved communities. The construction phase is nearing completion as we continue to increase the number of installations. Nearly 3,800 miles of fiber has been built. True high-speed fiber internet service is now available to nearly 26,000 additional homes and businesses, with more becoming serviceable every week.

Many thousands of installations have already been completed in the eastern and central portion of the project. Customers in communities from Addison to West Valley and from Portville to Nunda are already receiving their super-fast fiber internet service along with locations in between.

The western most portions of the project areas are presently under construction and advancing towards completion. This is most of Cattaraugus County and includes parts of Allegany, West Valley, Randolph, South Dayton, and Ellicottville. Installations are now occurring in Delevan and South Dayton, and will soon begin in Randolph and Allegany.

Armstrong will continue to update our interactive project map to provide you with new developments and progress. Continue to visit for the most current updates.

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Understanding the Make-Ready Process

Building a fiber network is subject to government and industry standards and rules. The process includes design, permitting, construction, splicing, and everything in between. When building the network, one of the more lengthy processes is what is called 'make ready.'

“Make-Ready,” a broad term used in the industry, describes the process of developing infrastructure to connect to a utility access point on a pole.

The Make-Ready Process: Step by Step
Below is the multistep process to getting to Fiber Make-Ready conditions.

Step 1: Armstrong contacts the “pole owner," which is typically another utility company, requesting permission to connect to the pole. A traditionally lengthy process, this involves many regulations and can involve multiple organizations.

Step 2: The utility pole owner performs an assessment on the capacity for each pole, determining if more equipment can be accommodated. Safety and spacing of wires on the pole are considered.

Step 3: Once the assessment has taken place, the utility pole owner provides the requestor (Armstrong) the 'Make-Ready' cost, which includes required payment needed to make the needed space and safety configuration. Payment must be made before any pole work can be done.

Step 4: Once payment is received, each utility company that is also on the pole must send workers to the poles to make the required space and safety wire and equipment adjustments.

Step 5: The pole owner then issues a work permit for Armstrong, once space had been made.

Step 6: Armstrong is then able to complete the needed work on the utility pole

Expanding Access. Increasing Opportunities.

Real High Speed Internet and more affordable telephone service are coming. In partnership with the New NY Broadband (BB) Project Armstrong is extending broadband internet access to portions of Western New York, previously underserved by other providers.

With speeds up to 1 Gig, customers will be able to have reliable, high-speed internet service, including Wi-Fi and home telephone service. We will be contacting interested homeowners and businesses when we prepare to build in their area. Just fill out the form below to be added to the contact list.