"Having Armstrong come to our community with fiber is revolutionizing communications in our area."

 - Ralph Kerr

"Having Armstrong high speed internet in the area is an absolute advantage and I highly encourage anybody to use it."

 - Mike Helwig

"We just really enjoy it. It goes way above what we had originally anticipated."

 - James Ingham

Customer Reviews

5 stars

“Great pricing. Good service.”

Gerard T.

5 stars

“If you haven’t yet made the switch to Armstrong’s high speed service, what are you waiting for? Where our past provider could scarcely handle an Xbox playing live games and a cell phone on Netflix, now with Armstrong we’ve had two Xbox’s going along with Netflix on Roku and phones playing games to boot. And you can maintain your parental controls and more with the plume app, and in home customer service is top notch. If you do not watch a lot of TV then drop satellite service, switch to Hulu on a smart TV or use a Roku, switch to Armstrong’s service and SAVE MONEY altogether."

Stacey W.

5 stars

“Fantastic customer service and repair. Haven't needed it much, but they are very customer oriented. Thank you Armstrong and Zoom employees!!!”

Lynn G.

5 stars

“Armstrong has been amazing for us!”

Sue B.


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